25. juni 2014

Wordfeud World Record

A while ago, I beat the Norwegian record in Wordfeud, by playing the word VOKSAVSTØYPING for 18022 points. That encouraged me to go for the world record.

I filmed the record attempt. The first four minutes is about methods and preparations, then the record is set, and from 4.27 you can see the entire game, one move per second.

The record progression
The first really impressive World Record was the Swedish BENTACKLINGARNA for 14296 points. Before that, there was a number of four-digit world records, mostly in Dutch. The Swedish record triggered a record race between Norway and Denmark, as papers in these countries wrote about the record. The Danes took the record, then followed a series of world records with the Norwegian word CIRKUMPOLÆRESTE, all at 15000-something. Danish papers offered money to those who could bring the record back to Denmark, and a Danish record was set at 16955 with the word UDPARCELLERINGS by Andreas Lund. It was later beaten by the Norwegian word VOLLEYBALLAGENE at 17888. (The very Norwegian record that I improved to 18022). Then Lund set the world record of 20048 by playing PHOTOZINCOGRAPH in English Wordfeud. This record was later improved to 20083 by the users Disinger and Cardical.

I've checked, and there is no word that can beat PHOTOZINCOGRAPH in the English wordlist. So setting the record is about finding better combinations of vertical words that can add to the score when you play PHOTOZINCOGRAPH.

This is the board shown in the video. 

This is my second best attempt:

The two last world record holders has claimed that their records couldn't be beaten. I will not go that far, but I am pretty confident that this is closer to the perfect solution than it is to the previous record. Meaning it is the last time anyone improves the SOWPODS record with more than 100 points.

*SOWPOD is the English word list. 

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