28. juli 2007

Røldag: Norwegian

Norwegian (sang, egen melodi)

Policemen stop me while I’m on vacation
I’m dancing naked in the local mall
I tell them they look sweet when they are angry
and I see it in their eyes I break the law


But I don’t understand, I am Norwegian
Do you understand any Norwegian?
Yo no comprendo yo soy noruego
You can't understand any Norwegian

A lady’s on the bed of my hotel room
the sun is rising time has come for shame
she’s talking about rings and about weddings
and I see it in her eyes she wants my name

But I don’t understand, I am Norwegian ....

Summer’s gone, my holiday is over
Norway I have never missed you more
I sit and wonder how they got so angry
I am crying from my cell: 'let me go home'

But they don’t understand any Norwegian ...

2 kommentarer:

Dnort sa...

Ser lovende ut.
En sommerschlager?

Esquil sa...

takk :)
kanskje en gang. må nok finne en mer catchy melodi i så fall.